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%h1 This feature requires an internet connection. %p The functionality you tried to access will not work unless you are connected to the internet. Please reconnect and try again. %div.nav-container %ul.nav %a{href: '#/punch/previous-field'} %li.nav-tab.time %li.nav-tab.system %li.nav-tab.service %li.nav-tab.shift %li.nav-tab.comments-container %a{href: '#/punch/next-field'} %a.close{href: '#/punch/reset-fields'} = flash().toHTML() .form_container %form#punchForm{action: '#/punch/create', method: 'post'} %dl %h1.logo-large TimeTracker %dt.handheld %h2 Dashboard %dd.screen %dd.handheld %a.mobibutton.wide{href: '#/punch/next-field'} Add Time .punches %dt %h2{for: 'punch[created_at]'} Day %span Current Week %dd.screen %select{name: 'punch[created_at]'} :each date in dates %option{value: parseInt(date.getTime()/1000) }= date.toString('MMM d (dddd)') %dd.created_at.handheld :each date in dates %a.mobibutton{href: '#/punch/next-field', data-value: parseInt(date.getTime()/1000) }= date.toString('dddd MMM d') %dt %h2{for: 'punch[time_spent]'} Duration %dd.screen.time_spent %input{name: 'punch[time_spent]', value: '5'} %span   minutes %dd.handheld.time_spent %input.number.required.dial{name: 'punch[time_spent_knob]', pattern: '[0-9]*', value: '5', data-min: '0', data-max: '300', data-step: '5', data-ticks: '5', data-thickness: '.4', data-width: '300', data-height: '300', data-displayinput: '0', trigger: 'change', data-tickLength: '.5', data-tickWidth: '.5'} %span.dial-hours-minutes %dd#save_time.handheld %a.mobibutton.wide{href: '#/punch/next-field'} OK %dt %h2{for: 'punch[health_system]'} System %dd.screen %select{name: 'punch[health_system]'} :each key, type in HealthSystems %option{value: key}= type %dd.health_system.handheld :each key, type in HealthSystems %a.mobibutton.wide{href: '#/punch/next-field', data-value: key}= type %dt %h2{for: 'punch[service_type]'} Service %dd.screen %select{name: 'punch[service_type]'} :each key, type in ServiceTypes %option{value: key}= type %dd.service_type.handheld :each key, type in ServiceTypes .service-option %a.mobibutton.wide.with-toggle{href: '#/punch/next-field', data-value: key}= type .toggle-description %p.service-description= ServiceTypeDescriptions[key] %dt %h2{for: 'punch[on_shift]'} Shift %dd.screen %select{name: 'punch[on_shift]'} %option{value: 'on'}= 'On shift' %option{value: 'off'}= 'Off shift' %dd.on_shift.handheld %a.mobibutton.wide{href: '#/punch/next-field', data-value: 'on'}= 'On shift' %a.mobibutton.wide{href: '#/punch/next-field', data-value: 'off'}= 'Off shift' %dt %dt %h2{for: 'punch[comments]'} Comments %span.optional (Optional) %dd %button.handheld#clear.mobibutton{onclick: "$('*[name=\"punch[comments]\"]').val('').focus(); return false;"} Clear %textarea#comments{name: 'punch[comments]'} %dt   %dd#submit %input.mobibutton.wide{type: 'submit', value: 'Save'} .screen.punches
.punch{data-punch-id:, data-offline: offline} %span.ops %a.delete{href: "#{baseurl}/#{}", title: "Delete"} %span.time_spent= format_minutes(punch.time_spent) %span.metadata %span.created_at_date= format_date(punch.created_at) %span.service_type= ServiceTypes[punch.service_type] %span.service_type_code= punch.service_type %span.patient_type= PatientTypes[punch.patient_type] %span.health_system= HealthSystems[punch.health_system] %span.patient_type_code= punch.patient_type %span.comments.ellipsis= punch.comments
%h1 Reports = flash().toHTML() #report
%h1 Reports = flash().toHTML() %table#report.sortable %thead %tr %th Physician :each month in months %th= month.toString('MM/yyyy') %tbody :each username, data in report %tr %td= username :each month in months :if data[month.toString('yyyy-M')]!= null %td= data[month.toString('yyyy-M')] :if data[month.toString('yyyy-M')] == null %td 0
%h1 Please log in %p Please enter your username and password below. = flash().toHTML() .form_container %form#loginForm.setupForm{action: '#/setup/desktop/install', method: 'post'} %dl %dt %label{for: 'user[username]'} Username: %dd %input{type: 'text', name: 'user[username]', autofocus: true, required: true} %dt %label{for: 'user[password]'} Password: %dd %input{type: 'password', name: 'user[password]', required: true} %dt   %dd %input{type: 'submit', value: 'Log in'}
%h1 Setup this device %p To authorize this computer or device, please enter your username and password and choose a personal identification number below: = flash().toHTML() .form_container %form#setupForm{action: '#/setup/mobile/install', method: 'post'} %dl %dt %label{for: 'user[username]'} Username: %dd %input{type: 'text', name: 'user[username]', autofocus: true, autocapitalize: 'off', autocorrect: 'off', value: user.username } %dt %label{for: 'user[password]'} Password: %dd %input{type: 'password', name: 'user[password]', value: user.password} %dt %label{for: 'user[pin]'} PIN: %dd %input{type: 'password', name: 'user[pin]', pattern: '[0-9]*', value:} %dt %label{for: 'confirm_pin'} Confirm PIN: %dd %input{type: 'password', name: 'confirm_pin', pattern: '[0-9]*', value:} %dt   %dd %input{type: 'submit', value: 'Continue'}